Except from The Five Hundred: In the Sight of a Bear

Originally published as "In the Sight of a Bear" now bundled in "The Five Hundred: Short Stories 2019-2020" available on Amazon. 

3 March 2048

I wear pants. I’d heard all those stories about being the last person on Earth, and they refuse to wear pants after a while. I think that’s a great idea, except when you actually try it. It’s not just the cold. One word: bugs. Holy hell are chiggers and ticks bad. I have nearly a limitless supply of calamine lotion and such, but yeah I’d rather not have my unmentionables being chewed on. Of course, most of the pants I can find aren’t really my size. But who’s gonna care if I have high waters and ankle socks. I’m pretty good with a needle and thread. Or duct tape, whatever works.

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