"Jessica Unbound" released for ebook and paperback!

Presenting my debut novel, "Jessica Unbound" 

Jessica Chao, a not-so-renowned physics student, struggles through her young life after a tragic death in her family. While pushing hard to find stability and battle her demons, she stumbles upon a mysterious portal in her basement and is thrust into a strange and terrifying adventure.

Attempting to return home pits her against an all-controlling artificial intelligence, whose cool calculations force her to defend her entire way of life. She must summon all her wits and courage to prove her worth, or be erased from existence.

Can she reconcile her past and pass the greatest test of her life? Does she choose to play by an alien set of rules; or does she have the courage to choose her own path, one that leaves her… Unbound?

$2.99 on Kindle.

$8.99 for paperback.

Jessica Unbound cover

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